Europolveri is an affirmed company, established and developed always looking ahead. Indeed the development is not only in terms of numbers but also of improvement in living conditions and in environmental protection.

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Research is a grounding element of Europolveri’s DNA, as witnessed by the company’s commitment to this activity and the results that have been obtained throughout the years.

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Europolveri’s products are characterised not by the variety of colour shades, formulas and finishings, but also by the elevated quality standards of the entire range of powder paints.

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Powder as virtue: which means to turn your success and obtained results into a possibility of growth for those who have had less opportunities.

In this perspective Europolveri participates in humanitarian initiatives and in particular in specific programs of “Terre des Hommes” and UNICEF.
The importance of giving an opportunity of growth and development to people who are disadvantaged comes from being aware that the success the company has enjoyed is both due to specific skills but also to the received support and trust.

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